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Halter Name Plates

These name plates come in a variety of designs, including English, Notched, and Beveled. The plates can be carefully engraved with names or short phrases, and then mounted on the halter of a horse or other animal. There are a wide number of mounting options, including a variety of rivets, rings, and specially designed nails. These name plates are a great way to keep track of equipment for multiple animals, or simply for adding a personal touch to your favorite horse’s equipment. Alternatively, they could also be used as a decoration of sorts, and mounted to a wall or plaque.

Bridle Name Plates

Using one of these bridle name plates to customize your horse’s bridle is a good way to make them stand out. You could use the name plate to display the horse’s name, or as a way to label your equipment as your own. These custom name plates can be made of either brass or chrome, and can be cut in a variety of styles. The engraving itself can be made to say anything you’d like, provided it fits on two lines of text. There are a number of font options as well, such as roman, script, or old english fonts.

Saddle Name Plates

Attaching one of these name plates to the saddle of your favorite horse is a clever way to decorate and customize the saddle. The name plates are also useful for keeping different horse’s equipment organized and separate. The plates can also be cut in a few different styles, such as English style, Beveled, and Notched. The plates can then be stamped with a number of logos, in addition to the engraved names. For further customization, there are a number of fonts in which the names can be engraved onto the name plate, including block, roman, and script fonts, among others.

Spring Loaded Handles

These spring loaded handles can be mounted on the sides of any tack trunk, making them that much easier to lift and carry around. The spring loaded action of the handles themselves keeps the handles out of the way when they aren’t being used, which allows the tack trunk to be tucked into convenient nooks or crannies, as the handles do not add much bulk. This low profile design is one of the reasons these handles are so useful. Having the ability to lift and carry an otherwise unwieldy tack trunk makes a day of riding just that much easier.

Large Vinyl Tack Trunk

A vinyl tack trunk such as this one is a fine specimen of the intersection of design and functionality. The tack trunk is large enough to hold all manner of tack and equipment you might want to store in it. With it’s many removable and sliding trays, nothing you store inside this trunk will ever be buried at the bottom or out of reach. Functionality aside, the trunk features many customizable aesthetic options, from the color to any logos or lettering on the sides. It’s easy to find a configuration that fits with the style of your barn or stable.

Large Wood Tack Trunk "Fancy"

The Prestige edition of our standard wooden tack trunk features the same sturdy construction and reliable functionality, but adds on a few aesthetic bells and whistles to make it really stand out as a high quality, attractive tack trunk. The metal banding along the edges of the trunk adds to the style and construction, making it more attractive, and sturdier than the standard trunk. The Prestige edition also features a variety of customization options, including a choice of metal type for the hardware, either chrome or brass, as well as different stand options, your choice of stain, and engraving options.

Large Wood Tack Trunk "Standard"

This large wooden tack trunk makes an excellent addition to any barn or stable. It’s sturdy craftsmanship and functional design make it incredibly versatile and useful, while it’s attractive construction means it will stand out in the best possible way. It can stained in either walnut or cherry, and the trunk can be fitted with a wide array of additional options to increase its aesthetic value and functionality. Options such as a stand or casters to keep the trunk off the ground, various lid inserts, and a variety of hardware options make this trunk easy to customize to your standards.

Stall Guards

These highly customizable stall guards can be designed to your exact specifications, making them the perfect fit for any stable. The colors can be changed to fit your style, and you can add any logo you’d like. Not only can the style be customized but the size as well, they can be made to fit any barn. They’re designed to allow the horses to look outside their stall, giving them the ability to interact with the other horses in the stable. The durable, vinyl stall guards are made to last, and will remain functional and attractive for years to come. 

Awning Tent

This awning tent is designed specifically to be used at horse shows. It has been crafted to be tall enough to fit a horse beneath it, and features a number of customization options, including the option to embroider a trainer’s name, and the city and state of origin on the side of the awning. The awning can be fitted with functional drapes, which are useful if the weather turns sour, or it can be fitted with non-functional drapes that are only for looks. Regardless, this awning tent provides excellent temporary shelter for use at horse shows or other outdoor events.

Horse Show Banner

A show banner is a good way to display any identifying details about your operation at various horse and trade shows. These banners can be customized in a wide variety of ways, including the colors of the banner itself, the colors of the embroidery, and any piping included. Of course, the embroidery itself can be made to display any names or phrases desired including the names of trainers, ranches, or any other pertinent information. With this banner, you can display your colors to everyone in attendance, and ensure that they know who you are, and where you’re from.

Stall Curtains & Stall Drapes

To add a bit of privacy, or just some protection from the weather, add these stall curtains and stall drapes to your show barn or awning. The curtains are fitted with grommets at the top to make hanging them as simple as possible. For further ease of use, Velcro is sewn into the top of the curtains as well. This makes adding valances a simple task. You can also customize your curtains in a number of ways. You can change the colors, adjust the height and width of the curtains, and even add optional features, such as a zippered door.


Adding valances to your show stall is an easy way of making yourself stand out at crowded show venues. These stall valances are easy to install, simply press the Velcro strip at the top edge to the corresponding strip of Velcro on the stall curtains or drapes. It’s a simple way to add some additional flair to your stall, without taking up too much time or effort. The valances can be made in a number of different styles, including a straight edged style, a rounded style, and a wave style. The colors can also be customized to suit your needs. 

Wood Tack Trunks (All Sizes)

Add a distinctive touch to your wood tack trunk by designing it with us. You can add a name plate with personal monogramming in brass or chrome. Our most popular options are show totes, cork inserts, and black-coated stands. Learn more about wood tack boxes.

Vinyl Tack Trunks (ALL Sizes)
Create your own vinyl tack trunk right here online. You’ll be able to add your own artwork to any vinyl trunk you choose. You can even add your barn name, or you can use a standard stock art image to decorate your vinyl tack trunk. Cork inserts, show totes, and piping is our most popular choices. Learn more about vinyl tack boxes

Large Trunks (38 1/2" Length, Width, 23 3/4", Height 22 1/4")

It’s not easy to order a wood or vinyl tack box; there are simply too many options available. Our teams will show you what options are available to ensure you get the vinyl tack box you had in mind. We’ll even help you find the right options over the phone.  Learn more about large tack boxes in wood and vinyl.

Medium Trunks (34" Length, Width 20 & 3/4", Height 19 1/2")

With all the options we have been available; we understand how overwhelming it can be to order a medium tack box. Here, we’ll show you the options you have for your vinyl tack box. If you need a better explanation, we’ll gladly you assist you over the phone. Learn more about medium tack boxes in wood and vinyl.

Small Trunks (32"Length, Width 18", Height 18")

Don’t get frustrated ordering your small vinyl or wood tack box. Let our teams help you sort through the options you have available. We can help you find the best options here, or you can give us a call. Learn more about small tack boxes in wood and vinyl.

We’re always happy to help you. 

Utility Trunks (24” Length, Width 14”,  Height 16”)

Our high-quality utility trunks are made by artists and craftsmen with years of experience. These utility trunks are created with superior birch wood hardwood with a cherry or walnut finish. They’re also topped with three coats of marine grade finish.  Learn more about utility tack boxes in wood and vinyl.

Bit Boxes (23 7/8" Length x Width14"  x Height 16")

Our bit boxes are made of vinyl or wood. These bit boxes are crafted with three dowels. You also have the option to add up to three more dowels. You can get our bit boxes with a stained or finished interior.  Bit box size: Length 24”, Width 14”, Height 16”. Learn more about bit boxes in wood and vinyl.

Starter Trunks (18 Length x 18" width x 19 1/2" Height)

Starter trunks are your affordable choice for wood tack trunks. Whether you’re a first-time rider, a seasoned professional, or you just want a simple box for a small horse show, this is the perfect option for you. Learn more about Starter tack boxes in wood and vinyl.

Bench Tack Box (21 1/2" Length, x 12" width x 18" Height)

Bench tack boxes server (3) purposes that that are need at a barn, especially at the race track. The primary purpose is to store tack, portability from stall to stall and to site or rest on it or even use it a mounting block to elevate your feet into the sirrup so you can mount on your horse. Learn more about these verstile boxes.

Cheetah Trunks (All Sizes)
Our creative team at Tack Trunks offers you a variety of trendy trunk options. You can get tack trunks, totes, planter boxes, mounting blocks, and more in our Cheetah colors.  Learn more about Cheetah tack boxes in wood and vinyl.

We Want To Hear From You (877-237-2972)

If you’re ready to get the tack trunk or utility trunk you’ve been daydreaming about, get in touch with us now. We’ll gladly walk you through the process to ensure you’re getting everything you need out of your new trunk. Whether you want a tack trunk with Cheetah colors or a small trunk, we’ll help guide you in the right direction. Pick up the phone now to get the ball rolling. We’ll make your ordering process easier than you’ve ever imagined. 

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