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Stall Guards
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Vinyl Stall Guards - Custom


Our horse stall guards can add a lot of character to your horses stall, order your custom vinyl stall guards today to stand out while your horse stays safe!

Below are the standard configuration for a vinyl stall guard.

  - 3 Characters
  - 3 Colors (piping is additional)
  - Top & Bottom Stripes
  - Shown above, the stripes are flush with the surface

Stall guards can improve the air circulation in a horse's living area plus allow your horse to socialize while staying safe. Plus there are a wide variety of styles that can be custom made to suit your needs. In truth, you can even have a stall guards match your barn theme. For instance, you can have a horse or barn logo created to your specifications.

Size: Horse stall guards generally come in a standard size; 42 3/4 (width) by 14 3/4 (height) end to end. However, there are numerous features and options that can help you customize your stall guards and webbings to exact specifications. 

Colors: There are over 21 premium Sunbrella colors or standard colors to choose from for your stall guard. In addition, there are over 70 colors in the Sunbrella Marine canvas that ranges from aquamarine and basil to textured options such as Crest Birch and Dubonnet Tweed. Moreover, the fabric is exceedingly durable and comes with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty against fading. Sunbrella Marine canvas has a smooth and wrinkles free quality.

Logos: Horse stall guards can also be personalized with your own logo. In fact, logos are used to highlight the best quality. Logos can also accent your barn or other marketing material.  If you do not have your own artwork, can we suggest our stock art with hunter jumpers, dressage, quarter horse and more to select from? You can even add your barn name to the stock art to promote your brand name.

There are various horse logos and stock art logos to choose from. Choose a personalized logo that has special meaning or picks from the numerous selections in the stock art logos. For instance, there is a gaited horse, event jumper, quarter horse, dressage horse and many more. The creativity and selections are infinite. 

Lettering and Borders:  There are numerous lettering options for stall guards such as selecting from the font stock options or using your own favorite fonts. Much of the lettering is used for monograms and initials. Borders are a nice touch and add an impressive professional look. They can be mixed and matched with the lettering for the perfect elements. Also, a piped border adds a little class. 

The value of stall guards is in the mind of your horse which is freedom and socialization around the barn. Learn more.

 Stall guards (webbing) and stall gates are necessary to proper horse stabling. They provide a safer, open-air, social living environment stall guard for horses. They keep your horse in their stall and secure areas for grooming and other horse maintenance activity (i.e.: vet, farrier, etc.). 

Stall guards may be wide panels of webbed cotton, nylon, rubber, or vinyl. Stall gates may be rubber chains or wire gates that are half-height with yokes, or full-height door guards. These equally allow the free flow of air and give the horse a full view of their environment outside their stall. Vinyl stall guards have no holes to entangle your horse. Many shows and race track barns/stables use stall guards that allow better air circulation. Wide generic vinyl stall guards conveniently allow the horse’s or owner’s name or specific feeding or grooming instructions to be written on them with a grease pencil, erased, and updated as necessary.

Stall guards may be personalized with your barn logo, horse’s name, or other desired design. Our quality stall guards and stall gates are designed and constructed to safely keep your horse in its stall and prevent them from getting injured. We offer a wide variety of stall guards and gates that such as rubber stall chains, allowing you to choose the horse stall guard/chains that fit your needs. 

Custom stall guards that showcase your horse, your stable, and your style. Customize your vinyl stall guard with your logo, brand, horse’s name, monogram, etc. Choose stall guards that match your barn theme or stable colors. Send us your horse or stable name or logo and we will create the personalized stall guards according to your specifications. Or, we will work with you to design a personally unique and representative image that fits you! We will send you a mock-up of the design prior to production so you can see how it appears on your stall guards or other barn or stable items. We have stall supplies (i.e.: saddle pads, stable blankets, etc.), barn supplies, tack racks, and a variety of other horse supplies that may be customized to exhibit your individuality and/or reduce the risk of theft. 

Tacktrunk.com Vinyl Stall Guards

Stall guards are a primary stable feature, whether they are installed on individual stalls or used to partition off an aisle
. We offer high-quality horse stall guards that include stall gates, Sunbrella fabric stall guards, vinyl stall guards, and customized stall guards, with your logo, monogram, etc. on them. 

Every stall needs a guard for horses. A vinyl stall guard withstands frequent and heavy use. They are flexible and durable, but they are not flimsy or have holes that can entangle horse, groom, or others. We offer high quality, blank, vinyl stall guards that allow you to easily mark and change the names on them as necessary. For example, if you regularly host horses, the horse’s name may be marked on the vinyl stall guard with a grease pencil that can be easily erased when the horse leaves. 

We also offer custom vinyl stall guards that enhance the appearance of your barn while keeping your horse(s) safe. We print your logo, horse’s name or other design on the vinyl stall guards. Get as many as you need. Your stable will be more impressive when you have personalized stall guards installed on each stall. 

Our vinyl stall guards are available in a variety of sizes (our standard stall guard size measures 42 ¾”W x 14 ¾”H). We also offer many features and options to help you customize your stall guards and webbings to fit your individuality and exact specifications. We can match your stall guards and other equestrian items, from saddle pads to tack boxes and blankets to riding boots, to achieve a professional look. Everyone will know you are a serious equestrian, right down to your coordinated stabling area. How you manage and care for your horses says as much about you as to how your ride. 

We offer nearly a limitless selection of colors, lettering, and optional stock art for your vinyl stall guard order. Personalized logos and monograms exhibit the highest quality. They accent your stable or barn, or other marketing material. If you are undecided or do not have your own design, we have stock art (i.e.: hunt jumpers, dressage, quarter horse, etc.) from which you may choose. We can add your brand/stable name to the stock art to customize it and promote you.

Selecting lettering font and adding a border give your design a refined appearance. Monograms and brand/stable names personalize your stall guard and other items. It also reduces the risk of items being stolen and increases the likelihood items will be returned if they are left, lost, or misplaced. Specify the font you desire or choose a font or letter option from our font stock selection. Borders add a professional look when used with a design or logo, monogram, or brand.


1) Our standard Stall Guard size is 42 3/4 (width) by 14 3/4 (height) end to end.
2) We can customize our stall guards to fit your show barn theme.
3) We can create a horse or barn logo per your specifications
4) Your horse will love his new stall guard as your horse can see outside to socialize with the other horses!


Answer the questions below to see what you can get a vinyl stall guard. If you are opting to use Sunbrella colors or have custom artwork, you will need to place your order over the phone or via email.

1) What colors do you want? Does your barn have specific colors they prefer you to use?

       Sunbrella Colors (6% upcharge for premium colors)

       Standard Colors

2) Do you have existing artwork or we can help you make your logo? If not, you can use our Stock art as an option for a logo

       Horse Logo's

       Stock Art Logo's

3) Last, we suggest you pick out a border or for a fancy look, add piping to each side of the vinyl surface. Lettering options are provided or you can send us your own fonts to use for Monogramming.

       Lettering & Borders

       What does Piping Look Like?

4) Need a Matching Stall Guard Chain?

stall guard chain

Price: $111.30
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Vinyl Stall Guards

- 04/07/2017

I ordered a custom stall guard with my daughters logo. It is very high quality! It is better than I even imagined. It is absolutely beautiful!!
I would definitely recommend TackTrunk.net for any of your horsey needs!


- 11/17/2015

I purchased a number of these stall guards embossed with our farm logo, earlier this year and,after 6 months ,happily give them a ***** rating. They are tough, durable, and good looking. The company took the time and trouble to ensure that all of the grap...

Webbing Purchase

- 06/14/2015

I race at Monmouth Race Track and recently ordered 8 stall guard from here and they are awesome!

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