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Name Plates
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Bridle Name Plates

Personalize your Bridles, Halters, Girths, and Tack with our Bridle Name Plates in Chrome or Brass. They come with fasteners so you can fasten them easily. Size (3/8 inch by 2 inches)

Your tack is an investment in a hobby you love. Whether it's at a show or around the barn, it's frustrating when things come up missing or are used on the wrong horse. Our classic horse bridle nameplates allow you to clearly identify your tack, ensuring the right gear with stays the right horse. For at home and traveling to away shows, engraved nameplates are an economical way to identify common stall supplies or stable supplies. 

In keeping with traditional equestrian elegant, understated style, a brass or chrome finish is available. Custom engraved horse bridle nameplates fasten to the leather cheek-piece using the included rivets or Chicago Screws. You can choose the type of fastener you need, depending on the thickness of your bridle or halter. 

It will also easily attach to the crown either dead center or slightly offset to the left. The plates are easily bendable and will conform to the curve of the bridle. Measuring 2 x 3/8", it is suitable for both leather halters and nylon. It also is perfect for your martingale and girth. If you prefer a different shape, such as that used with stable blankets, oval bridle tags with
s-hook attachments are another option.

The quality of the engraving impacts the overall appearance of the nameplate. We use a superior, deep engraving process to ensure the text won't rub off with repeated handling. While one or two lines of text
is standard, engraving if fully customizable with a variety of fonts and logos. Each 2" nameplate is available in the following standard fonts:

- Block,
- Roman,
- Script, and
- Old English

What if you want to add more text or change the font? Our Customer Service department is happy to help you add all the extra features you need. You can even coordinate the look of your other horse supplies with matching saddle nameplates, horse blanket tags, or a stall plate. 

Include specific horse care instructions or the directions for your horse's supplements to ensure everyone knows what your horse needs at any given time. If you use a trunk to store your horse boots or other barn supplies, nameplates are available for these as well.

A personalized bridle plate is much more than just another stylish accessory. It can prevent the loss of expensive tack, stops the inadvertent use of other people's equipment, and organizes your horse's gear.

Customizable Bridle Name Plates to Add a Unique Touch to Your Stable

  1. These ⅜ inch by 2-inch bridle nameplates are a superb purchase for any horse owner. If you or a horse enthusiast you know is looking for a way to personalize their horse’s bridle, a customizable nameplate is just what you’re looking for. 
  2. These nameplates can be ordered in either chrome or brass and will be attached to your bridle with your choice of attachment. You can order your nameplate with three different styles of frames: English, Beveled, and Notched. Take a look at the images to see what each style looks like. 
  3. Each nameplate comes with two lines of engraved text of up to 20 characters for each line, with the top line of text being bigger than the bottom line. 
  4. When ordering an engravement, it is vital that you fill out our order form with 100% complete accuracy. We will engrave the nameplate as your order form instructs us to, so the exact words with the exact spellings must be filled out in the exact way that you want them to appear on the nameplate. 

A bevy of fonts to choose from
We offer to engrave in four standard fonts, but can also offer customized fonts if you so desire. Our standard fonts are Block, Roman, Script, and Old English. If you do desire an alternative customizable font, you can contact us for a quote.

Let a logo breathe life into your nameplate
To give your nameplate that extra unique touch, add a horse breed logo. Our standard logos include logos for several breeds, including American Warmblood, German Oldenburg, Swedish Warmblood, Holsteiner, Dutch Warmblood, VDL, Westphalian, Trakehner. If you would like to add a custom logo to your nameplate, we can do that for you as well. Just call or email for an estimate. 

Accompany your nameplate with the perfect attachment
It’s, of course, necessary to attach the nameplate to the bridle, and we have a number of excellent attachment styles to choose from. These styles include Nails, 2 sizes of Pop Rivets, Split Rivets, Wood Screws, Chicago screws, Halter Nail, Halter Nail and Washer, Saddle Plate Nails, S Hook for Tags, and 1 inch Key Ring. Check out the images to see what each attachment looks like. 

Not satisfied with these options? Contact us for more customization
Though we offer plenty of options for you to choose from when purchasing a nameplate, you might still not find exactly what you’re looking for. But that’s okay. We can accommodate further customization. Call us with what exactly you’re looking for and we will give you a quote on how much your specific nameplate will cost. We can add a number of different things to your nameplate; from unique logos and fonts to bigger text sizes and nameplate sizes, we’ve got you covered. 

Need your nameplate in a hurry?
Though our standard shipping time is two weeks, we will make an effort to get it to you sooner if you so desire. Give us a call and we’ll do everything we can to get your nameplate to you as soon as possible.

Attachment Options:
Your bridle nameplates will be personalized down to the smallest detail. We offer eleven attachment options to complete the unique, personal look of your bridle nameplates: Nails, 2 sizes of Pop Rivets, Split Rivets, Wood Screws, Chicago screws, Halter Nail, Halter Nail and Washer, Saddle Plate Nails, S Hook for Tags, and 1 inch Key Ring. 

Frame Options:
Please select a frame option for your bridle nameplate from the following choices: Notched, English, or Beveled. (See image for examples of the outline of each shape.)

Bridle Nameplates
Identify your leather goods with engraved nameplates. They look beautiful and add a classic personalized touch to your tack. 

If you have multiple horses, engraved nameplates can quickly help you identify which bridles belong to which horse. Personalized gear is less likely to be confused with someone else's.

Choose from brass bridle nameplates or chrome bridle nameplates. Your choice of brass or chrome may be influenced by your horse's color or the color of your leather goods.

They look professional. An engraved nameplate is the understated elegance that is prevalent in the equestrian sport. An engraved bridle nameplate adds a personal touch without distracting from the beauty of the bridle or the beauty of the horse who wears it.

Personalize your bridle plate by choosing from varying shapes and fonts. Also available are several breed logos. 

Step into your class or hunter round with just the little bit of extra sparkle that an engraved bridle provides. Show your horse's full name on his bridle. In a sport where colors are conservative and tack is designed to be practical and enhance your horse's beauty, you can catch the eye with a nameplate.

Brass and chrome are easily polished to look clean and shiny. Polishing other metal parts of your tack completes the look. Stirrups, buckles, and bits should gleam. Bits should be cleaned after each use for the horse's comfort and safety. The more regularly tack is cleaned, the better. This gives you a chance to inspect it for wear and other issues. Saddles and bridles retain their value if well-cared for.

Metals like brass and chrome dress up your bridle, which should be carefully fitted to your horse. The cheekpieces should be adjusted evenly on both sides, so the bit sits evenly in the horse's mouth. Make sure the bridle fits such that nothing is too close to the horse's eye. Some horses may need custom bridle pieces for good fit. A well-fitted bridle is attractive, comfortable and practical.

An eye for detail is good for inspecting your saddle and bridle. Look over your horse regularly to check for anything unusual. Run your hands over them to check for lumps or heat/inflammation. Catching things early is best. It's also a good way to make sure they're used to having everything handled. This will make them more well-behaved for you and your vet/farrier. It's better to work on behavior in advance, so if they need medicating or bandaging, they're easier to handle.

Having things labeled is a great way to stay organized. It's good to label things like grooming tools and blankets. Keeping things separate will help prevent spreading illnesses between horses. It can also help prevent things from walking off. You spend a lot on your horse's grooming kit, blankets, and tack, so prevention is your friend. You'll be glad you did.

Having matching nameplates for halters, bridles, saddles and more is practical and beautiful. It's an affordable way to add organization and personality to your horse and his tack.
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Name plates

- 08/04/2015

I get my name plates every here for the year end awards and they are far the best quality to use

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