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Bit Boxes

Bit Boxes

Our bit boxes are beautifully crafted in either wood or vinyl covering with a stained and or vinyl finished interior. While the bit box comes with a pre-arranged amount of four dowels, an additional three dowels can be added to maximize room utilization.

Have a tack trunk for your bit box? We offer bit boxes in sizes that will fit inside your tack trunk with ease to create maximum organization for your Equine gear and accessories. 

Tack trunks, bit boxes, and other gear and accessories should be protected to offer maximum usage and prevent damage from the elements. We have three different options to choose from when selecting a cover for your bit box:

Want a Protective Cover for the Bit Box? Explore our options for a Bit Box Cover

Our Fancy Cover is ideal for show barn usage! Made of Cordura fabric and available in our Sunbrella coloring, this option offers a completely customized look to complement and match your equine apparel and accessories. 

Our Standard Cover is made of nylon fabric and offered in any of our standard Tack Trunks Color. Custom embroidery options are available, and make this cover a perfect for all your basic trunks. 

For anyone looking for a basic protective covering, our plastic cover is a simple, effective and affordable option.

By choosing a custom-made cover for your bit box, you will protect it from dirt, rain, mud and any other damaging items that you may encounter in the barn. Bit box covers use zippers and hook and pile fasteners to allow easy access to your tools. 

Bit boxes are a necessary part of any dedicated rider's storage setup. We offer compact bit boxes that will keep your bits protected and accessible in a moment's notice. It can be very frustrating to spend time searching for a bit when that time could be spent riding. Few things mark you as an expert rider and someone that cares deeply about equestrian activities as a bit box. Our models are a tidy 24" long by 14" wide by 16" high. They do not take up much space and look equally great when you travel to shows for competition or in your barn or tack room.

Bit boxes are equipped with wooden rails that hold the bits in place and prevent them from being tossed together in the bottom of a box. Bits that are improperly stored can suffer damage. There is nothing worse than arriving at a show to discover that your bit needs repair or, more distressing, that you have traveled without the one you require. A bit box allows you to have all of your bits at the ready and is a neater solution.

We have bit boxes that are built of wood in several styles. You can get them in an elegant finish or, if you prefer, unfinished and ready for you to apply your own artistic flair. We also have vinyl bit boxes that can even be personalized with your own logo or initials. It is an impressive sight to your peers when you unload your bit box and have these important pieces of tack organized and stowed efficiently.

Bits are expensive. Properly cared for, your bits will last a long time. Just like them, we design our bit boxes to last for many years when they are properly taken care of. Many people do not realize the effect simple elements can have on bits. It is far more practical and beneficial to store bits in a bit box than to hang them on the wall of the tack room or leave them uncovered. Our bit boxes are an elegant solution that will repay you many times over by helping to keep your bits in good repair and ready to be used at a moment's notice. Equestrian activities are a noble endeavor. Shouldn't your tack be treated with the respect that it deserves?

Ordering Information:

When utilizing customization options, please refer to our tack trunks cover order form. On the quote form, fill out the top portion for coloring (sunbrella colors or standard colors offered), horse’s logos, stock art logos, lettering and border options. We offer complete customization for your bit box! 

After filling out the top portion of the quote form, scroll down till you see number “6 Bit Box” and finish your cover selections. You can opt to have a zipper, moisture barrier (perfect for wet conditions), and embroidery placed onto your order.  If you have a custom logo or print that is not readily available on our quote form please fill out our “Special Instructions” box on the tack trunk cover quote form. We will work with you to ensure your customization needs are met, and your bit box cover is truly one of a kind! 

Each bit box has four well-spaced poles that run across its upper width, on which the bits are hung. In addition, they have metallic latches for security purposes and handles on the sides, which make them easy to carry around or transport. The horse bit boxes also have levers that join the lid and the box and prevent the lid from falling over. You can order a metal plaque, a feature a customer may appreciate if they feel the need to label the box. These high-quality wooden bit boxes give you the best value for your money, and our prices are the lowest around. 

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